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Sand and sun, lemurs and chameleons- this trip is for the ocean lovers who also want to see incredible wildlife. You’ll visit some national parks, see lots of wildlife, and see the famous tsingy. Then you’ll head to the islands and enjoy some beach time and optional activities (such as snorkelling and diving)! If you want a relaxing time to ‘get away from it all’, this is the trip for you.

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Is this trip for you?

  • You want a lot of beach time and some exotic wildlife.
  • You want to relax- ‘a break from it all’.
  • You’re an ocean lover.
  • You want to visit bays and islands, and swim.
  • You want the chance to meet lots of other tourists.

What’s Included

  • 10 nights accommodation as per itinerary
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
  • Complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Flight from Antananarivo to Diego Suarez
  • Amber Mountain entrance and Specialized Local Guide
  • Ankarana National Park entrance and Specialized Local Guide
  • Local sailboat, ‘pirogue’, ride to Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja
  • Domestic flight, Nosy Be to Antananarivo



Day 1: Antananarivo

Arrive in Antananarivo anytime. Review of program at night.

Day 2: Diego Suarez

Fly to Diego Suarez. In the afternoon, explore the city, the population, architecture, and market. Try some famous sugar loaf!

Day 3: Diego Suarez

Leave early for a day of sightseeing. Start at the Bay of Sakalava, then walk along the coast through the Bay dunes, and see the former French colony with its guns and fortifications. Ending at Ramena, a small fishing village, with the traditional boats lined up along the beach.

Day 4: Amber Mountain

Drive to Amber Mountain, which has a tropical micro climate and high precipitation. Enjoy a guided walk with a specialized local guide to see various species of lemurs, and the smallest chameleon in the world.We observe various species of lemurs crowned the smallest chameleon in the world.

Day 5: Ankarana National Park

In the morning, drive to Ankarana National Park. Again, you’ll have a specialized local guide to show you the cave bats, stalactites, stalagmites and other beautiful rock formations. You’ll also see several species of lemurs and birds.

Day 6: Ankarana National Park

Today is a hiking day! Back in the park to see the famous Tsingy (large razor sharp rock formations). A specialized local guide will guide you through the trail you choose (3-6hour trails). Rest at night.

Day 7: Ankarana – Ankify

Leave early to drive to Ankify (4 hours) with some views along the way: cocoa plantations, coffee, ylang ylang. Arrive in Ankify by late afternoon and hang out by the sea!

Day 8: Nosy Komba/Nosy Be

Leave early by boat to visit Nosy Komba, also nicknamed Lemur Island! Other than lemurs, you’ll see a traditional market with handmade goods unique to this region- great for souvenirs! Continue to Nosy Tanikely, a marine reserve where you swim in clear blue water, snorkel, or opt to dive. The colorful fish and coral here are stunning! At night, take a boat to Nosy Be.

Day 9: Nosy Iranja

Early morning boat ride to Nosy Iranja nicknamed Turtle Island: the island is made of two small islands connected by a white bridge of sand which beautifully contrasts the turquoise water of the ocean at low tide. Enjoy a view of the island and fishing village from the top of the old lighthouse. Great picture opportunity! Hang out by the beach and try to catch a glimpse of turtles, or opt to do a dive. In the afternoon return to Nosy Be.

Day 10: Nosy Be

Free day to hang around the island.

Day 11: Antananarivo

Fly back to Antananarivo.

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