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Trixie, Kate, and Blake from Australia and England

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Our week-long adventure to the wild west of Madagascar was an exciting and unforgettable experience, and this was largely due to the expertise and friendliness of the staff, especially our fearless guide, Veve, and our paddler from Miandrivazo, Claude.


    • the zen-like, relaxing trip down the Tsiribihina River
    • the amazing wildlife you see along the river (chameleons, lemurs, dragonflies, butterflies, SO MANY different birds, bats, frogs... and even crocodiles!)
    • the Tsingy
    • the waterfall
    • the many villages and friendly, smiling people
    • the baobabs
    • the fantastic sunsets and sunrises
    • the ever helpful and knowledgeable Veve!

I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to see the real Madagascar and feel far, far away from home. It was an awesome trip! Definitely well worth it!



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