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Where to begin…

Travel? Somewhat uncomfortable (long bump rides on unsealed road), but this just adds to the experience. Was pleasantly surprised by the comfy minivan that picked us up in Tana.

Food: I would dine in Liva’s restaurant, if he had one. He can definitely cook up a storm, international and Malagasy; including fresh chicken and duck, omelette for breakfast & banana flambe for desert (later being out favourite).

Wildlife: Both of us being nature lovers & amateur photographers, we have had a blast spotting 3 species of lemurs, 2 kinds of chameleons, crocodiles, countless birds and insects.

Flora: I don’t have to say that the magnificent baobab topped it all! Recommend trying the baobab fruit!

Floating down the river: Just what we needed. Sitting on our bums most of the day and reading a good book. When we get a bit adventurous we pick up the paddle and paddle away to get the much needed exercise after eating too much banana flambes.

Tsingy: An amazing, surreal place. Came back pleasantly exhaused from the walk/climb.

Locals: Absolutely loved taking pictures of the kids and showing them their pictures for nothing but a giggle (and sometimes a “bon-bon”, but no money for dentist…) Next time I bring some pens and notebooks and take them to school.

Guide: Liva is the loveliest, friendliest guy ever. He rarely said “no” to our requests and he made the whole experience unforgettable. THANKS!

Both of us think that the tour was well worth doing because of its diversity. It gave us a nice insight into Malagasy culture. Thank you very much to Liva for all the answered questions and to Albert for organizing the trip.

The only thing to mention that we didn’t like: “Be careful not to leave your valuables in tents @ the Tsingy camp. We got robbed- they took our cash from a well hidden wallet.”

We are off to Toliara and Anakao next and hope to love it there too.

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